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The New Birth Journey is more than just a doula service; it is a movement. We believe that birthing bodies, mothers, and black people deserve to feel more empowered and confident on their birth journeys. Our services are focused on providing a supportive environment where individuals feel heard and advocated for.
Our main services include birth support, postpartum services, lactation support, and standard consultations. Each of these services is tailored to meet the individual needs of our clients and provide a positive and empowering experience during their birth journey. Our team is dedicated to providing warm, dedicated care to every individual who comes to us for support.
Our mission is to empower birthing bodies, mothers, and black people and to make sure that each individual has access to the information and support they need to feel more confident on their birth journey. We want to ensure that no one feels alone or helpless during the process.
At New Birth Journey, we are dedicated to providing more than just a doula service; we are committed to empowering birthing bodies, moms, and black people. We provide a space where individuals feel confident and supported, and we make sure that they have the information and resources they need to feel more empowered on their birth journey.

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